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Please respect my copyright

No commercial uses are permitted without specific, written permission, with an inked signature. Commercial activities prohibited include: selling the my illustrations/photos/verses, putting them on items to be sold, or otherwise making money from them, exchanging anything of value for them, or using them to increase the value of your website or blog, or print publication, or electronic publication, or any other kind of publication, or any other commercial use.
If you like to license my illustrations/photos/verses, please write to me at momokb3@gmail.com

You can:
In all cases, my name, Momokz™ with link to my blog http://chemokz.blogspot.com MUST be included.
1. use (as is) my illustrations/photos/verses to accompany your posts
2. download and print as personal greeting cards to share any illustrations/photos/verses with other individuals you care about.

You cannot:
1. send my illustrations/photos/verses to people by e-mail. If you want a person, or group of people (as in a group e-mail) to see my illustrations/photos/verses, please send them to my blog to view rather than pasting them in the e-mail. Type my website address or images URL into your e-mail.
2. edit my illustrations/photos/verses and integrate them in graphic software as collage, photo montage, etc or even your website/blog header.
3. hot-linking the images directly from my blog. Please save the images in your hardisk and upload them to your server or blog provider.
I hope you enjoy my illustrations/photos/verses and that they can help brighten your days.
Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a good day.



Creative Commons License All illustrations are protected by copyright and may not be used or reproduced in any form without MOMOKZ™ permission. Thank you!.


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